Thread: Prospect Info: Jonas Brodin (Part II)
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10-14-2012, 09:04 AM
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I knew going back to this thread after Brodin first game in N.A. was going to be worthy.

As expected it only took a little bit over a year.

these two guys were particularly knowledgeable and convincing:
Originally Posted by LemaireisGOD
he tallied 4 points playing on the BEST team in Sweden's top league. It shouldn't take power play time to register more than 4 freakin' points. I know lots of 17 year olds who have filled out, I work with kids that age each and everyday. The weight room isn't exactly an American secret. If anything, these young athletes are far more aware of fitness and weight training than players were 20-30 years ago. There is no excuse for being weak if you know you're a top level prospect IMO.

Sorry, the fact people have to stand up and defend this pick speaks volumes about how lousy it is.

Brodin wasn't the next best defenseman available; to say nothing of the fact the team should've drafted a goal scoring forward; of which there were more than a few to choose from at #10
Originally Posted by se7en
1) I'm 6'2 and im not big.. tall doesnt mean sturdy. He's a pole.

2) Smartest how so? I havent heard this anywhere else... And obvisouly no other team was worried about not getting him "no phone calls at Wild table"

3) 90% of the NHL hate the Sedins... Why would he hate them anyways? Also, what does that have to do with anything.. I'm sure there's not many players on the Wild that like them. Hell, I dont really like them, should I be drafted?

4) He wants to be a Wild? every kid in the draft said they just want to be picked. any pick would say they "want" to play for the team they get picked by..

This is a BUST.
Originally Posted by se7en
I still stand by my statement that this kid will be a bust but I guess we wont know for years..
well maybe not yearS eh.. still disappointed he never took this bet

the question now is, are Pajicz, Dampland, Up7Yours, LemaireisGOD, se7en, etc still very disappointed by the Wild picking Brodin or do they get it now?

Interesting to see whether detractors' perception has changed by now, or not (yet).

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