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10-14-2012, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by ForSpareParts View Post
LOL @ your accusation and then state that we need 2. a difference of 1? are you high?
Not defending BB at all here, but the other poster does have a point.

DP is a solid #2(a little over paid, but that was not BBs doing) and i have no issue calling Gunner a solid #3(are there better #3, heck yes), but he is closer to a #3 then saying Boz is a 1c or Riems is a 1g. Just saying.

Now on topic, extend BB, NOW?


If anything he has one foot out the door and if the new CBA does not address contract issues or BB does not do a complete 180 (which i highly doubt) then it should be both feet out the door.

I don't want a GM that will go into every UFA market with such a self imposed handcuffing.

Brian, i don't give a damn about your ethics and moral code , I DON'T CARE, build a bloody winner, land some top UFAs at a quality cap hit, like other GMs are doing, or get lost.

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