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05-11-2006, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan
For openers, whether Hunter makes faces is irrelevant. You want to make a federal case out of it, go ahead. What does it have to do with anything. Did he make faces? Sure. Whatever. Like that is significant? Is it like telling Potruff to break Perry's wrist and then Potruff actually trying to do it?
Making faces? He was making diving motions with his hands after two blatant head shots. Bringing up Barr/Pottruff has nothing to do with this argument other than trying to deflect heat from your perfect team.

Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan
Secondly, get a decent recording device and record games so you can actually see how bad you "see" things. Belan's first penalty was for charging and made no contact with the head. It was identical to the hit on Kostitsyn tonite. THE ANNOUNCERS ON SPORTSNET EVEN SAID THE HIT BY BELAN IN OPEN ICE IS NORMALLY CALLED FINISHING A CHECK. They questioned the call too. So the "lot of other people" did not include the guys calling the game.
Both hits that I'm referring to occurred against the boards. This recording device you keep mentioning would have come in handy in your case. The first one may have been charging (I'm not looking up the boxscore) but he clearly stuck his elbow out and got the guy in the head. The second one was similar except it was on the side boards instead of the end boards. He came flying across the ice and planted the Petes' player's head into the boards. If you think either was in open ice, you're either insane, do not know what "open ice" is, or you're not thinking of the correct hit. After both hits to the head, Hunter made diving motions with his hands. That is just plain ridiculous.

Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan
If you did record the game you would know that it was Tardif knocked to the ice by Martinelli in front of the net. Downie was in the corner. If you can't keep these things straight, be quiet. Unless of course Downie and Tardif exchanged numbers for that game.
If I'm wrong about who Martinelli crosschecked, it's not a big deal. I never tried to justify Downie sticking him in the junk, merely looking for an explanation that doesn't include "he's a psycho". It seemed logical to me. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. This is something I'd love to hear from you because you're an awful wrong a lot.

EDIT: And I should add that it doesn't seem logical to spear someone because you got crosschecked, it seemed logical as to why he would seek retaliation. That's the type of player he is. You get him, he'll get you. And it's not always legal.

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