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10-14-2012, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by DirtyDion03 View Post
People are taking this way too seriously. I don't think very many people on this forum are going to lose interest in a hockey game. Or else they wouldn't be here. We're in only our 2nd week of this league and people are already trying to force people to sim? Not sure what the hurry is because if people are getting bored of it, they can be replaced. People need to settle down..
Look at the live feed of our GM connected every time I come on it says that a GM has left the league, people are getting bored already and only being 2 weeks in is the problem. I'm not saying I'm going to drop, and it's not my league so I don't know why my opinion matters that much because I can't sim it forward.

Like I said before I commend Sergei for making this, but I believe it could be fast forwarded just a tad.

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