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Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
It's no more ridiculous than comparing the KHL's talent level to that of the NHL. And if someone responds to my post with sarcasm they can expect sarcasm in return. .
A KHL superstar who jumps into the NHL, or vice versa, have generally proved themselves to be good second liners lor ok first liners, (Radulov, Jagr, Morozov, etc). Mature* CHL superstars like Brent Aubin or Robert Slaney generally turn out ECHL caliber when they sign in the pros. If guys like Slaney can't be as good in the AHL (which is generally thought to be comparable but still below the KHL) as guys like Radulov are in the NHL, then you're factually wrong.

*We're not talking about Spezza, Tavares, etc here. There's a major difference between how good those guys were at 17 when they tore up whatever junior league, and then at 18, 19, 20 when they made their NHL impact. If you were going to use future NHL superstars as an example of how the CHL has high-caliber hockey players, then 21-year old CHL stars should be able to make NHL impacts too. They don't.

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