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10-14-2012, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Artie View Post
why would you post some of the allegations you posted if they are based on the above?

I'm sure Jon Goyens is appreciative of reading such stuff that is based on word of mouth and you think is true.

The only facts in evidence is that Mr. Sprong attacked Mr. Marois as that is a matter of public record. The rest are all pretty much allegations, rumors and innuendos.

Why not ? I have no bias twords him... I think it's a shame that parents, pride and politics have gotten in the way of a kid's development.. I'm just answering a question...

I'm wouldn't know if he does or doesn't. Does he really care for what some guy on the Internet has to say ?

I heard it from others, who have no reason to hamper a kid's reputation. Atleast I think... Been wrong before though.

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