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10-14-2012, 01:32 PM
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AHL Live is poor even without considering the obscene prices.

Here comes the "if you don't buy it, they'll never improve the product" nonsense. No, you can't offer such a poor product for such expensive prices. AHL has to actually put some money into the venture to make it something worth buying. The "quality" is a complete joke for the prices they charge.

Considering that anyone with the slightest knowledge of the NHL knew there was going to be a lock-out this year, the AHL could of been in the perfect position to capitalize due to the influx of talent and people wanting their hockey fix. So, do they actually improve the quality of the AHL Live? Nope, still crap quality, server overload problems and cases of audio not synching with the video.

I would gladly purchase AHL Live if it wasn't complete crap.

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