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Originally Posted by SonicY View Post
Some things I learned from the WC's

- F Karthus. How (and why) he isn't an auto-first ban in competitive scene is beyond me. Requiem is the absolute deus ex machina. In one skirmish in game one, TPA had taken 3 of AF for NONE of of their own, and Barron. Ez and I think Irelia left. Then, Requiem rolls in and... Instant Triple Kill, and Maokai down to one bar. AF aces, and wins. It's an absolute ******** ability and needs to be either nerfed, or re-worked

- Jungle Maokai was picked in almost every game, of almost every round. I don't know what it is but, he is NEVER picked at low-elos, yet is an insta-lock in the comp scene. I guess it's his sustain mixed with ult that makes him so appealling?

- Ezreal is THE meta ADC right now. Literally no one stands up to him. Teams were locking Graves down all tourney, and Corki just doesnt do enough DPS. Others like Cait, Ashe, Varus, MF, Sivir, Draven, just don't cut it. The only one who I feel can carry in the same realm as Ez right now is Vayne.
Maokai needs to be protected. If he gets countered early and his team isn't on the same page to help him out he's worthless.

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