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10-14-2012, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Rocket View Post
For the Leafs/Marlies last night:

Gardiner was dominant, was a man among boys it seemed. Ended the night with 2 points I believe? 1 Goal, 1 Assist.
Kadri was explosive, was making plays everywhere, with a little more time to gel he should be getting a good amount of points. Ended the night with 1 assist. Arguably our best forward but credit goes to Ryan Hamilton who potted two on the powerplay.
Joe Colborne was great tonight, he slowed down as the game progressed though, but you can see that he is much healthier and more effective now seeing his wrist is healed. He made a sweet pass on the powerplay for a goal our Captain.
Blacker made several mistakes but Eakins decided to rely on him and gave him heavy minutes.
Mckegg was much better than I was expecting from him, he was more solid defensively and seemed energetic, offensively he couldn't get anything going though.
Ashton had the wheels last night, started out slow but started to rush to the net quite a bit, I hope he brings out his game offensively more.
Holzer was solid for us quietly and steadily as usual.
Leo Komarov lives up to his name, he is a pest. He was making things happen non stop last night and was buging people with hits. He has the skill it seems but I want to see more from him as the season progresses as he is with our second line at the moment.

Aside from Propsect, the return of Paul Ranger. He was definitely rusty but he did help out blacker twice when blacker fumbled so I am assuming with more game under him he will start to play more effectively.
To add to this..

Jake Gardiner was definitely the best player on either side last night. Just such a great skater and was making great (smart) plays on both sides of the ice. Very noticeable and he potted 1g-2pts for his efforts.

Nazem Kadri was the among the best forwards last night. He's got great hands and even better vision. Last night, he was literally a pure playmaker, passing all throughout the game. Has the ability to make tape-to-tape passes through heavy traffic and when it seems impossible. Really would have liked to see him take some shots though.. He was also pretty engaged as he had a little scrum with Girgensons.(who didn't look out of place for a 18yr old kid who was playing in the USHL last season)

Jesse Blacker just seemed to lack defensive awareness.. Made several gaffs with the puck and would often pinch before the transition should have been underway. Played a lot of minutes and for someone I was looking forward to watching, I came away pretty disappointed.

Leo Komarov came exactly as advertised. Was agitating through physicality. He was finishing his checks on every play and really seemed to be having a good time in his first real NA game.

Ben Scrivens cannot handle the puck..Whatsoever. Otherwise he was solid and definitely held us in it as the American's attack got progressively stronger throughout the game.

Marcus Foligno was really effective. Super physical, and scored a goal.

Cody Hodgson, gotta say, for an NHL player Hodgson was really, really invisible. Made one decent pass for his assist but otherwise, for someone with pretty extensive NHL and AHL expierence he really didn't seem to know what was going on. Same goes with Luke Adam who you would have never guessed is on the cusp of becoming an NHL regular.

Brayden McNabb was pretty steady as well.

Overall, was a good game. Really chippy from the get-go and featured the Marlies offensively dominating for long stretches of time. The refereeing was pretty suspect, something like 16 minors were handed out throughout the game which turned it into a special teams battle. Also 2 called off goals with little to no explanation to the live crowd that surely seemed like good-goals to us.

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