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10-14-2012, 04:29 PM
Sergei Berezin
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I've looked over some things and I'd first like to thank all y'all for the kind words and input. It really helps me when you guys tell me what you want, even if it's against my idea; it'll help the league run smoother.

2nd - I totally agree about the 10 active, 10 somewhat and 10 non active. However, it's much better than when we started where there were only like 5 active people so we're definitely improving with each person who is outed.

3rd - Yeah, we'll do a sim every 4 days once I feel we're ready. I suppose games being simmed are an inevitability, but I don't want to start that pattern until I'm sure that we're too deep into the league for others to really come in... if you know what I'm saying? Like, right now, we're early and we can still easily get replacements, but if I sim every three days, we'll never know who is playing and whatnot. I wanna get as many active people as I can while the league is still young enough for new GMs to come in without a completely lost season.

4th - Thanks to everyone has stuck it out thus far. You're a joy to play against and negotiate with and I really hope this league doesn't go down under as I'm having fun, regardless of the in-continuity. Hopefully I can get our **** together soon.

5th - I'm gonna update the OP with everything right now.

Finally, I'd like to thank ULF for helping me out with the thread - much appreciated.

Questions or concerns, let me know!

Also, I'm thinking about the whole check-in idea.

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