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10-14-2012, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by salomonster View Post
I like the JS presentation but I don't like the highlanders name. The military history is interesting but can be found all over Ottawa history.

For a couple of reasons, I'm not sold:

-The Highlanders conotation implies Scottish and there are as many Irish in Ottawa as Irish, especially on the QC side/
-The R factor.
-The billingual name factor.

At first glance I prefer:

#1 The Ottawa Raftsmen
#2 The Ottawa Royals (as in Royals from WW1 but also the RCMP.)

To me #2 is the strongest and the black, red and white color them is bang on.

Regardless this process is fun and I look forward to screaming my face on on the new and way better South Side stands.
South side sucks!

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