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10-14-2012, 04:38 PM
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Here's something creative: the PA actual begins to negotiate and presents a counteroffer to the NHL's last proposal.

They don't need to give up much in terms of numbers yet, just begin to negotiate in a framework that makes sense. If they really don't want to take an immediate cut, include that in the proposal and make it clear that that is the most important thing to them. Something like:

Year 1: players receive the lesser of 57% of HRR or $64.3M/team. (The lessor of part is necessary to prorate for a shortened season)

Years 2-4: players receive the greater of 55% of HRR or $64.3M/team.

Years 5-8: players receive the greater of 53% of HRR or $64.3M/team.

The NHL wouldn't like the numbers, but at least it might be a framework they could negotiate around. After a series of counterproposals, perhaps things end up being:

Year 1: same as above, with a one time, one year revenue sharing plan in place to help struggling franchises.

Year 2-8: 50/50

Done and done. Game on!

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