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Originally Posted by saffronleaf View Post
That'd be great. Every single night of the NHL regular season, there'd be a game to see somewhere in the GTA. Until the playoffs, of course. Then no games.
.... yepp. Good one saffron. Nice shot.

Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
IF there is in fact an expansion that puts a team in Quebec and another in Ontario, there will certainly be many who argue that finally Bettman and the League have backed away from the movement southward. However, I'd look at such an expansion as furthering of an already east-heavy, if not more specifically northeast-heavy League.
... well, when does the matter of consolidating your existing fan base & growing those revenues in the so called Hockey Heartland for a stronger & wealthier league nationally & internationally finally supercede matters of alignment or realignment? Had the NHL ever had a conscious & proactive rhyme to their reason in growing to an optimum size of 30 teams, "Footprint" as Gary like to say, why then didnt they proactively work with the new franchises in actually doing something about it rather than just expecting it to "happen" through osmosis? These guys dont care about the game, there not "visionaries & custodians". Their businessmen interested in one thing & one thing only. Making a buck, keeping costs to an absolute minimum. I say Expand. Go for it, adding Seattle & Portland if possible, Houston, QC & Toronto X's 2, Long Island & Phoenix have to move then just get it done & over with.

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