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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
True, one player will not make that big of difference in a tournament, but 1 player along with 5 or 6 other players projected to be in the NHL and who may not be released can all together make a significant difference. In the lockout year of 2005 it was only Bergeron who had NHL experience from the previous year..and he teamed up with a pretty impressive group of 18 year old players (6 of whom would have been playing in the NHL if it were not for a lockout) Same scernario unfolding this year...the only difference is I don't rate this possible lockout team anywhere near the caliber of the 2005 lockout team...

And just to let you know Canada's record at the U20 in lockout years is

13 wins 0 Losses 90 goals for and 29 Against 2 Gold Medals both played in N.America

Russia's record in Lockout years

9 Wins 4 Losses 65 Goals for and 41 Against. 2 Silver Medals...

This year is in the Motherland....winning at home is expected and easy right?
As usual, you're trying to troll up an artificial disagreement. I didn't say anything about Russia winning easily - I only said that one individual doesn't always decide the winner. If that were true, Pittsburgh would win the Stanley Cup every year. What happened in 1995 and 2005 will have no bearing on what happens in Ufa.

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