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10-14-2012, 05:21 PM
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Originally Posted by htpwn View Post

As of the 2006 census (2011 numbers not yet available), 45.5% of Mississauga's labour force worked within the City of Mississauga. 38% worked outside of it, the majority of whom presumably work in Toronto.

As of the same year, only 25% of Markham's labour force worked within Markham. 57.5% worked outside of it, once again, the majority of whom presumably work in Toronto.

By comparison, 66% of Toronto's labour force works within the City of Toronto. Only 16% work outside of the city.

Both cities are bedroom communities of Toronto. Both border Toronto. Neither would have developed at all if it weren't for their proximately to Toronto. However, Mississauga is a much more mature city than Markham is and has more than double the population.

The ideal city in the GTA to host the second NHL team , if not in north Toronto (Downsview), would have been Mississauga (IMO). Markham took the initiative though so good on them.
Those numbers sound wrong. Anyways, my experience of Missasauga is sprawling suburbs and occasional dots of shopping complexes meant to serve the population who lives there. Missasauga has grown so much because it's a cheap alternative to living in Toronto.

Besides, the point is Markham is the most centrally located place, equal distance from all drawing areas.

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