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10-14-2012, 05:24 PM
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From a business PoV and in my humble opinion, the Habs owners might be on the fence with that case.

On one side, they're losing a lot of good money, on the other, they're negociating to be able to get a lower % share for the players, wich will increase their profit margins, and will possibly make less profitable teams become more profitable, wich will potentially mean less of the Habs profits will be distributed to the poor markets, as more teams will close their year with a profit of their own, instead of benefiting of the 'wellfare'.

In the end, and in my opinion, it's sad to say but, I think the owners are the ones we should be supporting, because, many US markets are on the verge of bankruptcy, and yes in Canada the $ is high and teams are making money, but you can't have the Canadian teams be the backbone of the NHL and pretend 'everything is allright', because the real market to developp are the US markets. The only reason, really, why the total revenues of the league have climbed up so high since the latest agreement, is because the Canadian $ went up from 0.7 to parity. It's then extremely volatile to base your negociations on that reality : The Canadian economy might be more stable during harsher economic days (resources etc), the US will turn it around when growth will come back, meaning a possible total revenu loss when the US economy climbs back up and the Canadian $ falls down to 0.6-0.7, the real 'value' of the money.

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