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Originally Posted by Prairie Habs View Post
The problem no one ever seems to bring up about a second team in Toronto is that Toronto is a horrible sports city. The only team they support is the Leafs (maybe their soccer team too, can't say I have ever seen anything about them). They don't support the Raptors, Argos, Jays, Marlies, and their yearly Bills game is horrible. If they only support one team out of all these leagues why would a fanbase worth of people jump ship to some expansion team? They already have a local team they have been cheering for their whole life, will they cheer for someone else because the league asks them to?
This really isn't accurate.

The Blue Jays have had some weak years with attendance in the last decade, but they haven't made the playoffs (or really been in a race) in 20 years. There's only a handful of teams in any league that would pack the place after a run like that (plus, there is plenty of evidence that a big fanbase is there - their TV ratings are huge, and the last time they were good they set attendance records).

The Raptors have been garbage on the court most of their existence and are usually middle of the pack in attendance, and have been top 10 here and there.

The Argos and Marlies aren't really a factor in the city anymore.

I think a fanbase of a potential second NHL team would come from the vast number of NHL fans in the region who hate the Leafs. The Jays and Raptors have their own fanbases (a fair number of whom aren't hockey fans), so I'm not sure you'd see those teams suffer too much.

Toronto is a very big market. 5th biggest in North America, and only has 3 teams in the 'Big 4'. Far smaller cities (in worse economic shape) support 4 teams. Toronto should be able to support a 4th without too much trouble (be that a second NHL or NFL).

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