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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
Toronto is a great NHL city, though. You could literally fold every other team in the city but keep the Leafs and people would be OK.

Add a 2nd NHL team and all the other sports will lose revenues to Toronto2. A second team in Toronto would be as successful as a second NFL team in NY.
You're really underestimating the fan bases of the Jays and Raptors (plus NFL and soccer). They obviously don't compare to the Leafs, but they're far too significant to dismiss like that.

Toronto is a very different sports market than the rest of Canada. It's not 'hockey, and nothing else matters' like most of the rest of the country. Maybe it was at one point, but the city is so multicultural now, I think those days are gone.

All that said, I totally think a 2nd NHL team would work.

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