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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
In many many cases, and more and more the last 20 years, being extremely successful 'in business' whatever that actually means, involves inheriting wealth, exploiting staff, taking huge tax breaks from governments desperate for employment, and thus not contributing in any way to the general well being of the country (see Europe), creating products that are designed to break, and harming the environment. None of which the players do. But keep on buying the 'Businessman' as Master of the Universe line, if you like.
Like it or not, business owners are generators of income for a lot of people, hockey players included.

Think about it rationally. If you work for someone, you are being paid by a business owner (or corporation which has stockholders as "owners" with a CEO in charge of operations).

If you own your own business, well, goes without saying that you are a business owner and probably pay people to work for you.

Now if you throw in the government, think long and hard about where the government "money" comes from. Yes, from taxes. And those taxes come from business owners and employees.

I do not understand the irrational hatred for people who are willing to take risks to own a business. And yes, LOTS of businesses do go out of business.

Feel free to give Donald Fehr a call and suggest to him that the players disassociate themselves from the NHL owners and start their own League. Of course, they would have to find a rink to play in, hire a marketing staff, a payroll staff, concessions contracts and staff, coaching staff etc and so on.

See how that works out. Oh, and by the way, the players would become "owners". Would you be against them then?

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