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10-14-2012, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... well, when does the matter of consolidating your existing fan base & growing those revenues in the so called Hockey Heartland for a stronger & wealthier league nationally & internationally finally supercede matters of alignment or realignment? Had the NHL ever had a conscious & proactive rhyme to their reason in growing to an optimum size of 30 teams, "Footprint" as Gary like to say, why then didnt they proactively work with the new franchises in actually doing something about it rather than just expecting it to "happen" through osmosis? These guys dont care about the game, there not "visionaries & custodians". Their businessmen interested in one thing & one thing only. Making a buck, keeping costs to an absolute minimum. I say Expand. Go for it, adding Seattle & Portland if possible, Houston, QC & Toronto X's 2, Long Island & Phoenix have to move then just get it done & over with.
I know I'm known as the alignment fanatic. But I was referring to the objective of being a nationwide League with the potential of getting some assemblance of a national TV contract. I don't believe that the NHL has given up on TV broadcast revenue, but I also don't see how more teams in the east, especially the Canadian east, can aid in building broadcast revenue in the States. I can imagine that NBC, for instance, would be really thrilled with two new Canadian teams. But yes, there could be growth in League revenue in Canada, but again with such an expansion I don't see any potential growth in the game's actual fanbase at all. As I said in the previous post, such an expansion would be a sign that the League is entrenching in its area of strength, and appear to be backing away from further development of the US market. This especially also after just having one US team relocate to Winnipeg. And even if Seattle were to get the Coyotes, still for anyone with an eye, it looks like hockey, if not becoming a Canadian league is entrenching as a border and northward league.

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