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Originally Posted by Halakalakaboom View Post
You gotta look at it objectively. The majority of the revenues comes from Canadian \ Northern US markets, and even some teams from this part of NA (Islanders / Devils) have difficulty closing their budget without a deficit. If the canadian $ would be at around 0.65 US $, there wouldn't be a growth in revenues, there maybe would be a loss, but from my PoV, the players aren't in a position of force for those negociations due to the economic crisis. This isnt like the NFL or MLB, the NHL isn't even close to those leagues. Realistically, comparing the NHL to those leagues, is like comparing the CFL with the NFL.

revenue sharing is nice, but lets be honest, while owners are rich people, they're in sports franchises to make money. You dont invest that much money in something when you know that the only way to make money is revenue sharing. I know I wouldn't invest a cent, unless i'd be fortunate enough to buy one of the few teams extremely profitable.
I'm on owners side and while I agree with you, beefing up the revenue sharing is still a good option. Obviously, it should not be the ONLY thing done. Both have to make sacrifices as revenue sharing alone is not enough.

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