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10-14-2012, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
The NHL is not a start up company. If a company has a good business plan coupled with a large revenue stream your company will profit. The owners have shot themselves in the foot over and again. They have had to correct their mistakes by making the players roll back 20% of their salaries. They lose a ton of exposure and cash by losing ESPN. By losing ESPN they lost 15% profit in their NHL packages. I don't even know the exposure numbers that are hitting them in the pocket.

Trust me, I'm no idiot in the business world. I was a business major, have had 3 successful companies in the music business since age 22 and am currently the lead union rep for at&t. Nevermind me running a 1200 person call center for jp Morgan chase.

The nhl has been the book on how to not operate a sports league.
ESPN would of dropped the NHL regardless of the last lackout. ESPN was looking for an out long before the last lockout happened.

The NHL is not a ratings winner (never will be in the states) it's a gate Driven league (always will be in the states).

But you are correct in that the NHL as a whole, is a poorly run league.

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