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05-12-2006, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan
Oh boy. How awful. Did he actually make . . . DIVING MOTIONS! You want to complain about a coach's behaviour behind the bench (hand gestures no less), but I am not supposed to mention Barr instructing Potruff in a game to break someone's wrist because it has "nothing to do with the argument". Try making some sense for a change
Again, stop deflecting the argument. You're denying Hunter acted like a fool on national tv, I'm saying he did. Did he or didn't he act like a fool? Other posters as well as on other boards, certainly witnessed the same thing as I. Why is it only you who denies he did such a thing? It's really not even a big deal, it's just the fact that you are disputing how the guy acts. Admit your team isn't perfect.

We're not talking about my team. Start up a "Guelph is a dirtier, more classless team than London" thread and I'll gladly partake in this discussion. You'll also be laughed off the internet.

Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan
There they are again. Those . . . DIVING MOTIONS! Absolutely unforgiveable.Look Trippy. You keep going on and on about these two extraordinary "head hits" by Belan. Why don't you think back a bit to a certain Guelph player suspended for 5 games this year for driving a London players head into the glass. Then after explaining that you can go back to all this self righteous fixation with these diving motions Hunter and hits by Belan in one game. Guelph holds no high moral ground
Again, there's no need to deflect the argument. So a player on my favourite team was suspended for charging a smaller player (in one game, as you say). Does this change what Belan did? Does this make it somehow better or more justifiable in your mind? This is NOT a Guelph thread. How is something that happened a number of months ago, or something that happened a year ago (Barr/Pottruff) to an entirely different team, relevant to the Knights/Petes discussion at hand? Again, admit your team isn't perfect and this would all end. I make observations, you disagree and attack my team. It's not a fixation until you deny these things happen, despite all facts saying they did.

Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan
Go back to your quote. You essentially said Downie did this because Martinelli did that trying to justify the spear. You keep throwing this psycho word around a lot too. All I have said is the guy did something that should not be allowed without getting some kind of punishment to stop him from doing it. It is not acceptable but you want to whitewash it.
If you want to, once again, jump to conclusions about what I mean in a certain post, just to serve some greater purpose that I'm struggling to understand, then go right ahead. I did not intend to justify the spear, because it's absolutely wrong. My intention was to perhaps explain why Downie was possessed to do such a thing in the first place. If Downie wasn't the one who was crosschecked, then I have no effing clue why he did it and I don't care. He's the champion, Martinelli is not. Or will you deny that is true as well?

And my last bit DID mean something, but apparently the English language is lost on you. I was trying to explain that I did not mean to justify the spear, just that I thought he may have done it as retaliation (which does not make it know, the opposite of justifying it?). Instead, you brush it off like it doesn't mean anything because it MAY suggest that I know what I'm talking about. This of course takes away from your plan to prove me wrong at every corner, despite the facts.

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