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Originally Posted by Canadian Airlines View Post
The Telus network is quite good, but their customer service is pathetic. Best bet is Bell. As for Rogers? Run away as fast as you can.

Don't buy outright. Contracts these days are so easy to work with. I had more than two years left on my last contract, and I still managed to upgrade my phone at the three year discount last month.

Trying to get into an electrician's apprenticeship, but having a hell of a time trying to find a company willing to take on a beginner. Is there anyone here in the electrical trade that could give me a tip on how to break in?
Love this battle too. The good ol' cell service provider fan boy clubs. The best provider is who is going to give you the most for the cheapest amount. For the most part they all have similar service coverage and all of them are hit and miss when it comes to customer service.

Only positive I know of one provider over the other is that if you travel to Saskatchewan a lot or cross country by vehicle the only cell phone service available in Saskatchewan is Sasktel or Telus.

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