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05-12-2006, 04:33 AM
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Good grief

You hate the knights You hate Hunter. You think he acted like a fool because he made some gestures. All seems consistent to me!

Did he make some gestures. Sure he did and I never denied he did. Why it is a big deal to you? See the first paragraph.

As for the spear. You minimized it. You said Martinelli played it up. You went off on some weird tangent about carnal knowledge with Schremp's mother that the mods cleaned up. You said the spear was "part of his game". Which was probably the most truthful and factual thing you said. By rationalizing his response as retaliatory you are saying he did it because somebody did something to him. Why mention this if you are not trying to excuse it by some degree. Stop kidding yourself already.

Love this paragraph by the way:

What really bugs me about fans like you is that the Knights are the most sleazy, manipulative team out there, and you're going to complain about this? Perhaps you didn't see how that idiot of a coach acted all game, imagine him having the balls to call out another team for diving when the two or three biggest divers in league history play or have played for him in the last few years. Or how about Schremp crying like a baby all game (especially after it was over) because things didn't go his way. He was throwing cheap shots behind the play that the camera caught numerous times. Or maybe you'd like to discuss the two deliberate head shots delivered at high speed by Belan that are far more deserving of suspension than the little jab by Downie.
You want to talk deflection

"the little jab by Downie" not as bad as Belan's hits. Is that consistent with this claim:

I did not intend to justify the spear, because it's absolutely wrong. My intention was to perhaps explain why Downie was possessed to do such a thing in the first place.
"Do such a thing"? I thought it was "just a little jab".

One minute it's a "little jab" and the next minute it is "absolutely wrong". I thought you said spearing was something you saw a couple of times a game and it was no big deal. Or are you denying that. You are not justifying or excusing Downie. You are explaining (incorrectly) why he did it? LOL make up your mind will ya.

Finally, calling you out on Barr's behaviour is somehow deflecting. You write that paragraph above, and you think nobody can shoot back at you? Well I am saying you are being hypocritical in your complaints about a coach (or team) being sleazy and manipulative when you dodge answering about Barr. You want to dish it out but you want to run and hide when it is Barr instructing a player to break a guy's wrist. You set yourself up for this obvious blind spot you seem to want to maintain.

To paraphrase what you said: What really bugs me about fans like you is that Barr behaved in the most sleazy, manipulative way, and you're going to complain about this?

Time to move on. You are just going to keep hating London and pretend like they do things that Guelph does not. So why bother discussing. You just stick with your hate program.

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