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10-14-2012, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by The CyNick View Post
You should ask someone at CBC or TSN which is the bigger rivalry between the Habs-B's/Sens-Leafs vs Habs-Leafs. You have to remember that the Leafs and Sens have had multiple playoff series against one another. Leafs and Habs wasn't able to happen outside the Finals. If it did, it would blow everything out of the water in terms of ratings in Canada. That's why the proposed realignment was great, because you guaranteed two rounds on inter-divisional playoffs, which makes it more likely to see those natural rivals playing in the playoffs. The TV people would love it.

Makes no sense to split them up when you dont have to. Leafs, Habs, Sens should be a block of teams. Just like Isles, Rangers, Devils, Pens, and Flyers should be. You fit everyone else in where you can fit them (hence Florida and Tampa in a division with Leafs).

If you add a team to Quebec, they should be with Montreal, which means they should be with Toronto and Ottawa. If you add Toronto 2, why wouldnt you want them with Ottawa, Toronto AND Montreal and Quebec? The question becomes which is the bigger rivalry -- games between the Habs and Rangers or games between the Habs and Leafs. Its an obvious answer.
The way you want it seems to odd to me. If you have the 5 eastern Canadian teams plus Boston (because there's no way Habs-Bruins are splitting either) that's 6. The seventh one could possibly come from Buffalo, but then who's the 8th? None of the Atlantic teams are splitting up, that I agree with. Detroit and Chicago won't separate either. Washington might be an option if you don't care about separating them from the other Southeast teams.

I threw Winnipeg in with the other Canadian teams so as not to isolate them. This could work I guess, but I still prefer my 2nd version. Whether it's Washington or not you're going to be displacing a former Southeast team, which I personally would like to avoid.

Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
Toronto2 (Markham) is not going to happen because MLSE. will do everything in there power to stop another NHL. team from takking root right on there door step because it will take business away from just not the leafs but the Raptors & Marlies too in which MLSE. also owns . Besides this so called arena in Markham is far from a done deal & might not even get bulit so don't count your chickens before they hatch because if this arena dose not get bulit Markham is setting them selves up for a huge let down & if it dose get bulit they will have a huge & expensive up hill battle for an NHL. team & in my opinion no prospective owner for TO2 team would put up the money , time & fight because it would just not be worth it .
I do not doubt that MLSE would fight tooth and nail to keep a hold on their monopoly, hell I feel that the chances of a 2nd Toronto team are 1 in a million. This whole realignment idea was based off of this rumour. I'd like it, but I know how low the chances are.

I'd love it though if a 2nd team did come to Toronto. Some competition may be just what MLSE need to get their ***** in gear and build a better Leafs team.

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