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10-14-2012, 09:56 PM
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Harrison was never charged with anything (it still was a double-standard to cut Wilson for the same essential thing without waiting for due process...but Wilson was probably going to be cut by the Steelers before he played another game anyway...that just gave them a reason to do so early) and Santonio was busted with possession of pot. He kept doing it so he eventually was thrown away, but you don't release a first round pick/Super Bowl MVP because of bleeping marijuana. Half the league is probably holding at this point...difference is most of the league has more than four brain cells and don't keep getting caught for it.

Ernie Holmes was way before my time. The 'Steelers way' is definitely much more of an aura than a truth, but there was nothing ever written that said that any indiscretion had to be met with walking papers.

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