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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
he has the fuller career, higher high points, more high points, and the record for conn smythes won. more than simply one trump card, i think.
Isn’t this a lot like saying that Nicklas Lidstrom had a ‘fuller career’ than Bobby Orr, though? Doesn’t make him better.

The distinction I would make is this :

Patrick Roy had the best career of any goalie in NHL history.

Dominik Hasek is the best goalie in NHL history.

Again, what Hasek did from 1993-99 was absurd. On a garbage team, he dominated like no other goalie in the history of the sport –was the equivalent of winning scoring titles by 30 points.

Career-wise, no, it doesn’t compare to Roy who was at the top of the sport for twice as long and ticked more boxes while he was there. But Roy was never the best player in the sport. Hasek was, for several seasons.

Keep in mind as well that Hasek played at arguably the deepest period ever in terms of goaltending (save maybe the late 1950s) and utterly dominated against Roy/Brodeur/Belfour/etc. at their peaks. Led the league in save % 6 straight years. First-team All-Star 5 times in 6 years (only losing to Carey in a joke of a vote). 6 Vezinas. 2 Harts.

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