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Originally Posted by Bob Stauffer View Post

Bears outshot Mount Royal 36-21 in Calgary in the 2-1 loss, but didn't piss a drop on the PP going 0-6 on the PP.
PP woes last season cost the Bears top spot overall in the Conference in regular season.
Alberta also lost their captain Greg Gardner with a concussion on a nasty elbow to the head in the second period. I doubt he will available next weekend in 'Toon Town.
I watched most of the second and third period last night.
Bears dominated but couldn't beat a hot Mount Royal goaltender.
Nonetheless, this appears to be a more committed Bears team this season then the past few seasons.
Through 4 CW games Alberta is outshooting their opposition 44-25...a significant improvement...
i think that now Robert thinks the average Bears are more committed they should be considered for the number one spot!
Really that is a criteria
Heck they beat the heck out of a very tough group of ACAC opponents in the preseason and only lost to a third place ACAC (now CIS opponent) one time in the real season,sounds like they get a mulligan for that one.
Pretty sure that Steve Knowles guy who is on the top 10 committee is responsible for Alberta's considerable shots for and against advantage that robert refers that a criteria. how does he always get a vote?? what a homer he is geez! Sirant is forever telling people what a homer trigger finger he is on the old shot clock!
Also Holley i didnt get to the Bison Huskies games this weekend but have been told that the second game was all huskies but the refereeing was incredibly bias? i mean if we have 4 PP's in the third we better win! we are 1-3 and toooooo early to know who is a top ten team. I mean Regina Cougars are 3-1 and sit on top of canada west and really out scoring their opposition!! Are they going to stay there??... they are certainly surprising some so far??
League stats and who beat who should be the only criteria used in the rankings not come blow your horn bob telling us how committed his boys are

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