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10-15-2012, 05:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Exceptional managemenrt by keeping Gomez? They don't really have a choice. And the only people that wanted the habs to buy Gomez out were fans. Nothing exceptional here, GMs should never listen to fans, especially the fickle ones in montreal.

Everyone knows its stupid to buy Gomez out. In fact, Bob Mckenzie wrote an entire piece on how stupid such a move woud be and even implied that any management that would buy out Gomez should pretty much be canned for stupidity.

Exceptional management would be finding a way to trade Gomez. Good management would be to send him down. In the case of keeping him, well they didn't have a choice.

That aside, I wouldn't mind seeing Gomez on the wing with Eller and Armstrong.
How is that good management? You or I could do that. If there are no better options within and I don't believe there are that would be an example of caving into the masses imo. Sending him down and signing someone else with a new cba in question would be precisely the opposite of good management.

Who knows, had things been different with the cba, MB might have considered the option and may be even been leaning towards it, but as we stand he has done exactly as he should have.

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