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10-15-2012, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by kaneone View Post
Do you guys really care if the Whale loses? I literally couldn't care less. The only think I would like is our players to play well, but if they still play well and lose, I don't give two *****.

I read THN a while back and they had a quote by a GM who said something like he doesn't care if they lose, because some of those teams aren't built to win. They just want their players to develop.
Well, you can find GM's that think Scott Gomez has value. The guys are usually pretty smart, but not always. I'd wager you find far more GM's that value a winning atmosphere in their top farm club than not. If you just throw your kids out there to develop without providing veteran stability and some sort of winning attitude, you become the Islanders. I think it's important for the kids to have veteran leaders whom they can model themselves after, and learn what it's like to play intense, competitive professional games. I want a winning culture throughout the organization.

If teams felt that winning at the AHL level wasn't important, you'd never see moves for AHL depth. We bring in guys like Kolarik, Newbury, Segal and Vernace to help Hartford compete. We could trot out a roster comprised exclusively of prospects, but then we'd get shelled every single night and the kids might get disheartened. It's hard to play your best and put on a good performance when the rest of your teammates can't keep up.

I think you establish an organizational identity of hard work and competitiveness. Players need to know that when they join the organization, we do what we have to to win, regardless of the level. It's important, IMO, to instill that in the kids when we first get them into our system.

Finally, there are actual Hartford fans in this thread. A lot of the regulars actually attend these games and consider themselves Whale fans.


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