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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I caught the 3rd period of HFDs game.

The 1st line with Kreider-Newbury-Segal looked decent, but HFD looked thin after that line...

The D ain't great, but the team infront of it was more than a little sloppy and that's of course a nightmare for any blueline. From the little I saw, I think Parlett and Niemi was OK. Neither might be ready to carry a sloppy team, but for a avg team they are avg D's so to speak. Gilroy played a ton and will keep doing so. Just as has been the case in NY for a long time under Torts, HFD also have a big problem with "sloppy plays". Looking at strategy etc in the big picture, arguments can be made both ways. And we had a ton of success in NY last season for sure. But certain plays are not good, not in the NHL/AHL, nor among 15 y/o's. And we just see too many of those plays not just in HFD, but also in NY. If you get a PP and win a FO back to your D, and every other player backs out from the net to get open so that you can set things up, the D should not throw the puck on the net. If a 10-15 y/o does that, his coach will complain. We see stuff like that in NY and HFD. If both teams change lines, and your D got the puck in his own end and 3 of his teammates go deep to attack as a group -- that D shouldn't send a long hard pass to the lone forward who is high up ice. If a 10-15 y/o does that, his coach will complain. We see stuff like that in NY and HFD constantly. And as a D on these teams, you will constantly face situations where you are going up ice and all of a sudden a play is broken up by the other team in a perfect situation and they can hit you with speed in a situation you are really vunerable. Its just SLOPPY!

The positive is for sure that both Kreider and Miller got a point each in the first two games. Kreider was ok, good in some situations and square in others. He and KN seems to be able to bring offense on a night by night basis. Thats good, Kreider will be a part of a decent 1st line in the AHL. Things could have been worse.

I liked the most what I saw from JT Miller though, due to the circumstances. It's important to remember that he can only play in the AHL because he came from the US Nat program. He is today as young as MDZ were his rookie year, and del Zorro needed 2 years after that to find his game. So I was a bit worried for JT Miller on a 2nd line in the AHL on a so-so team. The 2 pts is huge. Because zero in two so easily becomes zero in 4/6/8 and so forth. You know talk will start etc. Should he go back? On top of the two pts, Miller also made a couple of real confidence building plays. On one for example he picked up a loose puck behind his own net, had alot of open ice infront of him and basically took it the length of the ice, beat a D somewhat on the outside, and tried to stuff it in from a bad angle. That type of play is important for him for sure. Overall, he is probably a low end 2nd line C in the AHL, hence it's essential that he can show that he got plays in him that established AHLers don't...

Of the others, Jean were good the others were not. Basically. I've seen to little of someone like Yogan, but I am just not impressed with him at all. I guess I can't rule out that he could hold a spot on a 4th line or something. But I've simply just not seen anything that even would warrant him being given a look at the big league. What does he have that you can't get more of by picking up a vet for 800k? I don't see anything. But Jean can, and forgive me for saying this, be compared to like Aaron Voroos offensively when his game is working... A player in the Frolov mold... Its always kind of hard to read how a player like that would work in the NHL. They tend to be very streaky. Jean is big and strong and nifty with the puck. Hard to get a hold of. IE, this kid actually got a little potential.

Kolarik and Tessier did not impress. Only the 1st line looked decent, the other were caught in no-mans land. Just didn't look that impressive. Did Thomas and Bourque even play in the 3rd? Didn't see any from Hrivik either...

I loved the St. John's tv-guys. Gave a tremendous feeling to the game. Was the play-by-play guy Brittish? He was old, had smoked too much, and talked like it was 1956.
Streaky is a great way to describe Kyle Jean. That was the way I saw him while watching him in juniors. I didn't get the sense that he had a high hockey IQ. He also didn't use his body very effectively in juniors. That may have changed while he played for LSSU though.

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