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10-15-2012, 07:34 AM
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While it is too early to panic, it would be foolish not to be at the least a little worried.

Maybe what they need is to be embarrassed on home ice and have their own fans boo in discontent for them to realize that what they are playing isnt tolerated in Kitchener.

I was critical of the Murphy selection of captain when he was far he has shown nothing to prove me wrong (which is the hope).

8 gp, 0 Goals, 1 Assist, team worst -7 and a team worst 6 Minor penalties.....He is trying to do to much because he is paired with Hanes, and it isnt helping.

Hanes should be released, no questions asked. The guy shows flashes of being a good defender, just to turn around and make an outlet pass right to the tape of the opposition, or blow coverage. If he was a young kid you work through that. Unfortunately that isnt what you demand of an O/A. I'd much rather see Gilbert and Stewart make those mistakes but get time to develop into better players, then spend those minutes on a guy who wont be back next year and is expected to be a leader.

They shoot all their shots from the perimeter. Okay, I can handle that. Only problem is they do it without any traffic on even one body driving to the net. You have a guy at each face off dot more or less standing there, while someone shoots from 40 feet away...yup, thats the key to success right there. The goalie directs the puck into the corner, and the wingers are caught flat footed, beat to the puck and its a 3-2 the other way.

I'm sure the 8 game road trip is wearing on them, but you have to give an honest effort every night. I have seen one game this season in which they all gave an honest effort and that was a nail bitter win over London, in which they were dominated all 3rd period long.

Time to shape up or ship out! Every single one of those guys needs to step it up a couple notches.

Further to my point, the Rangers have 17 goals through 8 games. The london Knights had 16 goals through their first two....

The top teams in the OHL are sitting at or above 30 goals.

If you don't think scoring is a problem im not sure what to say....

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