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10-15-2012, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Its fairly uncommon for a USHL player to go straight to the AHL after getting drafted regardless of position. If you want to turn this into a debate about what league he should be in right now, fine. Like some others, I think he would be best served in the WHL. But I based my earlier comments on the facts on the ground, he is currently in the AHL right now.

So to me, complaining about Girgs playing wing at the moment under these circumstances is pretty daft. Particularly with an NHL lockout going on and a center like Hodgson in the mix. Does one really need to ask why he is on the wing right now?
There's jj again, bringing facts and logic to the discussion...

Originally Posted by ezis View Post
Sounds like a sarcasm to me.

And about latvians speaking russian - we have a problem here, because our youth isn't speaking russian anymore, but it's critical here. Instead they are taking english more seriously, which is fine if they don't forget that knowing russian is more important in working field. So, i'm 100% sure that Girgs understands russian, and that's the end of it.
No sarcasm intended. I was commending the original replier on his proper use of cursing to emphasize his point.

In general Americans are particularly poor in their knowledge of languages; including English. Both printed and online newspapers and similar source material are typically written at a 5th to 8th-grade level. (10-13 years old)

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