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10-15-2012, 10:22 AM
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I'm two weeks away from being able to sell some hockey players again. Anyone over 16yo is for sale. Check out my PLAYERS. The best ones are probably Yang, Lentz, Falk, Post and Baker.

Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I forgot to include today in those numbers. It's actually +48M/week in hockey. Breakdown as follows...

Player Salary - 3.9M/week 2.0M
Staff Salary - 5.2M/week 3.7M
Facility Maintenance - 3.3M/week 2.7M
Arena Maintenance - 10.0M/week 4.1M
Other - 2M/week 0.9M
Total - 24.4M/week 13.4M

Tickets - 23.6M/week 5.4M
General Sponsor - 19.3M/week [/B]10.6M[/B]
Media Sponsor - 19.6M/week 4.0M
Souvenirs - 3.8M/week 0.7M
Skyboxes - 3.8M/week 1.2M
Other - 2.6M/week 1.1M
Total - 72.6M/week 23.0M

Difference: +48.2M/week 9.6M
Wow. Those differences are huge. My profit dropped by 4M per week from my quick & dirty guesstimate because I forgot to remove the loan from Other. Ugh. I guess I'm making less than 9.6M per week since I have that loan to pay off. Crap.

I just checked out III.2 for the first time. I'm assuming this is where I'll end up. They have 4 teams with 79+ OTS. So I might actually be stuck down there for a couple of seasons. That's probably not the worst that could happen. I'll probably finish 3rd and then 1st to promote back with some very good OTR. Maybe I'll be in your ballpark by then.

Get your rinks built to as big of capacity as you can sell out!
This can't be big enough. In fact, you should rainbow-ize that mother so I can put it at the top of the newbie guides.

I'm the worst team in my league by far, but I have the best attendance. I'm averaging 5776 in my 6700 capacity Crater. There's only two other active teams above 3400!

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