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10-15-2012, 09:59 AM
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You know, the Fins dont look that bad. While there are obviously holes on the team, Ireland and Philbin did a pretty decent job building this team. I think Ireland has earned another offseason with this team, and we should see a big change next year, with all the cap space available. Out of the more important parts of a team, we are in pretty good shape going forward:

QB - Tannehill seems to be as advertised.

RB - Reggie wants to re-sign, and a trio of him, Miller, and Thomas can get the job done.

WR - Bess and Hartline are good #2s, but getting a #1 is the obvious this offseason, and with Ross' comments recently, they are going to go hard after one.

OLine - Martin and Jerry are a pretty good tandem on the right side, Long, if re-signed, is still one of the best LTs in the game, and Pouncey is arguably the best center in the game.

DLine - Keep Solai and Starks together, who seem to be a beast in the middle. Wake is a monster as well.

LB - Misi is nice, but Id like to see an upgrade there. Dansby is a great all around LBer, and while Burnett is good, Id like to see an upgrade on either side of Karlos.

Secondary - Re-signing Smith is a must IMO. He is one of the better CBs in the league, and his size and skill set is really rare. Jones is one of the best S in the game. An upgrade to Marshall would be nice.

I know its only six games in, but we are set up nicely for the future. The Vontae Davis deal to Indy seems to be more like a steal for Ireland, so we have the draft picks to upgrade this team, either by drafting or moving those picks. The most important parts of the team are here, with some tweaks needed, and its seems like the coaching staff is legit. Philbin is much better than I thought he would be, and its just crazy to see the difference now, from when we were ripping them in the preseason.

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