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10-15-2012, 11:09 AM
Grumpy Humphrey
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Originally Posted by SilverHaireDevil View Post
The lot of you are on here bawling about no hockey, yet you seem to think its ok if a group of owners lose millions of dollars a year so you can be entertained.

Takes work to make that same money, wonder if you would be behind a lockout if roles were reversed and it was you losing millions a year so that I could be entertained.
Whose fault is it that they're losing money? And where does that money come from? You know as well as everyone involved with this that the fans are the very source of all the income the owners are losing, and that the fans are chomping at the bit to stuff the owners' pockets again if the owners would only let them.

And good luck convincing anybody on this board, people who presumably have to work their ***** off, like you suggest they do, just to get by, that millionaires and billionaires losing their money because they turned off the faucet deserve any kind of sympathy.

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