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10-15-2012, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
With Quebec/Seattle:
Adams: (MON, OTT, QUE, BOS) and (TOR, BUF, PIT, CBJ)
Patrick: (NYR, NYI, NJD, PHI) and (WAS, CAR, FLA, TB)
Norris: (DET, CHI, STL, NASH) and (MIN, WIN, COL, DAL)
Smythe: (VAN, EDM, CAL, SEA) and (SJ, LA, ANA, PHX)

The dividers in the divisions are for scheduling.

If the NHL wants to keep the "home and home with everyone" concept, you'd play the three others in your group 6 times, and the other group in the division 4 times each. Everyone else 2 each = 82 games
I have to say that for a 4-Division setup, I like your Division-divider concept to adapt to the scheduling. That's excellent.

But another option would be to just go with 4-team Divisions to begin with, with each Division having one other Division in which it plays against all those teams 4 times.

As for the actual alignment, well that's another issue.

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