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10-15-2012, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by McClelland View Post
@joestevens Are you a oiler insider or something! Feeding rumors is a well known Hf board habit! Didnt you read what krueger said about him.

3 rookiekids made the team all three 1 st rounders and 2 of them better then omark,
He isnt a shutdown player and there werent room for him. I cant open your eyes, because you are trapped in a certain mode where facts is excluded.
Originally Posted by NAF View Post
It's amazing how people can just make up random conjecture and generalizations about players and then state that all as fact, expecting others to just nod along. "Well, I guess if he typed it on a messageboard, it must be true."

I don't get the logic myself, but apparently Omark being an All-Star in every league he's played in except the NHL is proof that he's a bum and doesn't deserve another shot at playing in the NHL. :?
The coaches have said numerous times he needs to work on his two-way play, back checking, not holding onto the puck etc... I've said for the past couple years being a 40-50 point player isn't going to be enough for Omark to make NHL teams, not with his weaknesses. He wants to be pure offense then he better be putting 50+ up.

As for opening my eyes, the kid couldn't even make the team at the end of the year when we had injuries instead he was a healthy scratch.

You can be an all-star in every league and it means **** when it comes to the best league. You think being an all-star in the CFL means you deserve to be in the NFL? And I never said he doesn't deserve another shot, but he isn't going to get one by being the same player he's been the past 2 years.

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