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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Hey, you’re usually on the right side of the argument in this section and I respect you a lot. So I hope you take this invitation seriously. Come to the all-time draft section and check the place out. Maybe join the upcoming AAA draft, where we are trying to select the 1200th-1400th best players in history. You may learn something about comparisons between players old and new, and you might even teach us something too. Consider it a “competitive hockey history study group”. It’s a rewarding experience and even if you doing join, I hope you will refrain from sarcastic dismissive comments like the above.
I have actually creeped the ATD page quite a bit. It's always a good read, and some of the spats are amusing (especially when fake accounts are involved). I've participated in similar projects (basketball, not hockey) and they are generally fun and informative. I have nothing against projects like the ATD, just against the conceit that can apparently overcome someone just from having been a participant.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I don’t see it as being about that at all. I think this is just a classic “peak vs. longevity” debate. You may as well be comparing Ovechkin to Fedorov, Gilmour or Francis. At least that way the accusations of “not appreciating older players” and “being obsessed with old times” would not be flying around.
I agree that it's essentially a peak vs longevity case (although with durability as well in the Lindros case), and in fact alluded to that in part of my post that you did not quote. The issue is that the evidence being thrown forward by the poster I quoted boils down to essentially: "If you only knew more about these old players, you would know how wrong you are!" which is terrible evidence based upon some problematic assumptions. I can accept not picking Ovechkin or Lindros based on longevity issues, but not based on assumptions that those that disagree are ignorant. It is quite apparent that no one here is attacking older players, despite the assumptions that some may make.

Throwing those other guys in: Ovechkin > Lindros > Fedorov > Gilmour > Francis.

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