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10-15-2012, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
1) inconsistent scoring is to be expected, but this is a bottom 6 role, not too 6. Torres was also one of our top players in the playoffs, especially the SCF. One of the only players from the SCF who shouldn't be upset by his performance.

2) Cooke is a little ***** who will dish it but won't defend himself. Torres will actually drop the gloves and fight when it's time to fight. If the team is that easily distracted and put off by a controversial hit then our leadership group needs to go.
i'm just going by the rumours, which to my knowledge haven't been verified, about torres and the things he had said around players' wives (in particular, higgins').

if that, and not the eberle/seabrook hits, is what caused him to go, then we can't pin this one on the locker room or leadership group. some guys are loose canons: avery is the best example that comes to mind. no amount of veteran leadership can get through to some people-- again, i'm assuming that this is true of torres, though actually none of us know.

many things can fracture a locker room. some are avoidable, some are manageable, some are not. when wives get involved, historically you have to cut out the disruptive part. there is no repairing that.

all that said, if torres was a solid citizen and the rumours are false, if it wasn't a choice between higgins and torres, and if it really did come down to a second year on a sub-$2 million salary, then i would have liked to have him back too. there is the other factor of icetime, though, which i think torres has pointed to in his decision to sign with phoenix (not that that worked out great for him, but i think he said he had to give himself another shot to establish himself as a top 6 scoring winger like when he scored 25 in edmonton).

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