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10-15-2012, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by nona weisbaum View Post
They've already **** all over this season so they can shove it for all I care. This lockout, more than any other, is a real slap in the face. To have lost all of 05 and be right back at this point.....SMFH. I was very stupid to give these guys the benefit of the doubt that they wouldn't let this happen.
This sums it up best for me right here. Don't feel stupid cause I was right there with you. I guess we just underestimated the stupidity of the league, and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Not to get political, but the best way to put it was the first lockout was like WW2. There was a reason for it. This one is like Vietnam, and many other conflicts that have followed. FOR WHAT?

I want hockey back now, but if it takes until January I might be over it by then. Which is why if their plan is to not cave until the Winter Classic, then I hope they ****in lose their precious POS Winter Classic too! **** THEM! They deserve it!

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