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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
This is pretty cool, thanks for doing this. I do wish it was a little more visual though, I would like to see this done with a hockey simulator that shows actual simulated highlights, for example, maybe teams like this created on the NHL Hockey Video Game series.
Thank you for what you said and I agree with you. It seems that at this point we are forced to choose between an either/or scenario. Do we want nice visuals but results based upon subjective ratings and the skill of the end user or do we want more realistic results but something that looks like a spreadsheet. There was a game called Head Coach 09 for the NFL that I thought did a pretty good job of merging the two, but from what I understand it did not sell very well.

I think at this point games like NHL 13 are what the public wants and therefore is the product that will be more available on the market. A game like the one I am playing probably will be for more the older folks like me who do not have fast fingers and like to go back to the good old days of Denis Potvin and ask a lot of "what ifs".

I've done a few videos now and I've received some good responses and some mixed responses. I believe there is a market out there for videos like these. I enjoy the "Let's Plays" on Youtube by getdaved, quill18, and TheMeInTeam who are very popular and the games they play are not much more visual than this hockey game.

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