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10-15-2012, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Unaffiliated View Post
I have an excel spreadsheet I drew up real quick on my laptop that I use.

It only tracks squats, deads, bench, military, and barbell row. I set it up so that you enter your weight, reps, and the date, and it calculates your equivalent one rep max.

Then on a different sheet it shows current bests for all 5 lifts, when the PR was achieved, and a progress graph (1RM equivalent vs date) for each one.

Obviously 1RM equivalent isn't exactly the ideal metric, but it's just a really basic tool.

Yeah, I've already changed my mind and not even going to use that app... after sifting further through it, just going to be too much of a pain to use while in the gym. Just wrote out most of what I plan on doing tonight, and going to jot the sets/reps after I do them. Then when I get home put them in a basic Excel sheet to track.

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