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10-15-2012, 03:13 PM
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This getting tiresome, and seriously, im starting not to care for these bunch of imbeciles.

Hockey and the Rangers are my favorite sport/team, but im still a big Giants fan. Im a casual NBA fan, too, so i'll survive with no hockey, though it would be terrible. These owners and players are both ****ing greedy ******** and all care about making that extra million, when in reality, aren't they just losing millions not playing right now? I don't get it. Tomorrow is also what, their first meeting in weeks? This is pathetic. They haven't even negotiating on the core economic issues because each side are a bunch of babies because they feel either side won't compromise. How does that make any sense? You won't talk because other side won't compromise? Isn't that the focal point of uh, what negotiating is? Sit down for hours daily and get a ****ing deal done. NBA and NFL did it consistently for days, often afternoon to midnight. I remember staying up last year and at 1am the NBA just finished an all day meeting and was talking to media. They can do it, why can't the NHL? Seriously **** all of you players and owners.

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