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10-15-2012, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
This sums it up best for me right here. Don't feel stupid cause I was right there with you. I guess we just underestimated the stupidity of the league, and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Not to get political, but the best way to put it was the first lockout was like WW2. There was a reason for it. This one is like Vietnam, and many other conflicts that have followed. FOR WHAT?

I want hockey back now, but if it takes until January I might be over it by then. Which is why if their plan is to not cave until the Winter Classic, then I hope they ****in lose their precious POS Winter Classic too! **** THEM! They deserve it!
Well not to worry! They'll just paint "Thank You Fans" on the ice and all we be forgiven. Where is the jerk it emoticon when you really need one.

As crazy as it sounds, I'm actually at the point now where I genuinely want this to drag out as long as possible so they damage the league as much as possible. One way or another, I want both parties to pay through the nose and maybe, just maybe, it will get to the point where people supporting this league will have finally had enough, be it fans, networks, advertisers, you name it.

For me, the season is already tainted beyond repair. It's weird saying that considering the 95 Cup Run, but who the **** wants to see another season with an * next to it? I certainly don't. One time is plenty enough.This is not the type of thing that should become a possibility every several years.

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