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10-15-2012, 03:26 PM
If and if...
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I am also losing interest. Losing two seasons would probably tip me over the edge. Hell, I don't know if I will really be all that interested if they start up this year. This is coming from a person who played hockey from 5-19, and played in a high level junior league and would have played in college if I didn't get majorly injured.

I use to live and breath hockey, but I had a hard time with the 04-05 lockout and pretty much tuned out the 05-06 season (happened right after my injury so that had something to do with it as well as I had to 'retire' from the game). I came back to being a big fan at the end of 06 and since I have gone to at least 7-10 Avs games a year. Apathy is starting to set in and if the season is lost, I really see myself taking a few seasons off as a fan.

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