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10-15-2012, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by MrTemple View Post
I've been thinking for a while now, trying to find *some way* that fans can affect the lockout situation.

Canceling your cable for the duration of the fan lockout and citing the lockout as the reason will have a very real effect.

Since none of us would boycott hockey, the idea is to boycott cable while there's no hockey on it. When the lockout is over, we sign right back up again.

In the mean time, you get by with Netflix, Hulu,, NFL Sunday Ticket, and various other free sources (like the local library).

When the lockout is over, you sign back up, everybody is happy. If enough people do it, the cable and broadcast companies (especially in the States) will start losing subscription and advertising revenue.

You really can't underestimate how frightened Big Television is of all the online TV choices. They're scared shirtless, as they have a feeling that their days are numbered. They do *not* want anybody trying life without cable, with only online TV options, even for a short time.

You also really can't underestimate how quickly these media, network, and advertising companies will call up Gary Bettman and ream him out. They've all got contracts with the NHL, and that gives them power over the NHL. The moment a VP at Comcast or NBC or MillerCoors gets word that some people are turning away from the television that they've paid hundreds of millions of dollars to the NHL to advertise on, they are going to pick up the phone and rip Bettman a new one. It's their job.

In Brief:

- Fans canceling cable for the duration of the lockout will light a fire under the NHL.
- Big Television’s worst nightmare is the fear that customers will try life without TV for a while and realize that they prefer the choice and savings of web content.
- If fans start canceling due to the lockout, Mr. Bettman is going to start getting an awful lot of angry calls from advertisers, networks, and media giants.
I have canceled cable and cited this reason for it.

I spend more than $100 a month to watch one thing. Hockey.
My wife now gets by on DVDs... we're fine. I might have a hard time justifying turning it back on, to be honest. But I figure I might do it if there is a season and the playoffs start

It makes me satisfied to know that Ed Snider's Comcast company isn't ripping me off right now-- except of his overpriced high speed Internet

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