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10-15-2012, 04:58 PM
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Knee Protection

I am 43+ years old, started skating about 6 months ago, have taken an adult clinic or two, and now have an invite to a D league team. I am going to give it a shot even though I am not good at all, but my real concern is my knees. Throughout my misspent youth I manage to have one full and two partial dislocations and quite frankly, 20 years later I still do not run very well at all, yet for some reason I can skate. (Not well, but enough to play). My concern is, with 60 minutes of live hockey, keeping those knees that are always weighing in the back of my mind in one piece.

It is hockey, I get that. Not a genius to be doing this probably. However, I was interested in seeing if there is anyone out there that might have good recommendations on a knee brace with particular emphasis on patellar protection since though have been my previous injuries. I can't afford to break the bank on a $300 brace. I was hoping to find something that I could feel pretty confident with that did not leave me in the poorhouse. Once a week beer league hockey. I should add that I have started altering my gym program to include more strength work around my legs/knees and adding yoga to help flexibility. Again, any experience/advice would be great. Thanks.

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