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10-15-2012, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Poulet Kostopoulos View Post
I don't know about that. Maybe the 100,000$ Bimmer or Benz but not those 3s and Cs, which are the great majority of Bimmer and Bens on the roads. I don't think there's that much leading edge tech in those cars compared to the respective Lexus and Acura. Also, *most* people drive their Bimmer and Benz like "Corollas", i.e. not hard. I think it's just a misconception that Bimmer drivers, in general, push their cars more than anyone else. What's funny is that it is this very misconception that sells Bimmers.

Edit: I believe the NSX and S2000 were leading edge in their times and were driven "hard", in general. Still, they were very reliable cars.
What are you talking about ? Why would you even write what you wrote without having a clue ?

Google is your best friend !!

You don't think eh ?

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